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10-20 times a year, parts of the AMBER Alert system are used to attract attention to endangered missing children cases (Missing Child Alert). In addition, the entire AMBER Alert system is deployed approximately 1-2 times a year nationwide, when the police fear that the life of an abducted or missing child is in imminent danger.

Statistics AMBER Alert Netherlands, updated on September 5th 2017

996 Missing Child Alerts issued since 1 January 2011

Including 14 Missing Child Alerts this year. A Missing Child Alert is displayed on the AMBER Alert website, website banners, screensavers, the Dutch AMBER Alert iPhone App, Facebook, Twitter and other media.

Used in 23 AMBER Alerts since 11 November 2008

Displayed on billboards, highway signs, via text message, email, the AMBER Alert website and thousands of other websites, screensavers, the Dutch AMBER Alert iPhone App, Facebook, Twitter, TV, radio and other media.

Over 2.9 million registrations

People register on a daily basis in order to receive a message in case of an active AMBER Alert. However, this number is only a fraction of the amount of people that actually see these missing children messages: information is shared on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter and in case of an AMBER Alert, literally millions of people see the message on TV, large screens and highway signs.

AMBER Alert reaches 11,780,108 people  

Research among a representative sample of the Dutch population shows that an AMBER Alert reaches almost 12 million Dutch citizens, 88 percent of the Dutch population aged 18 and older. 1,052 people participated in the study that was conducted on April 28th, 2014 by This is a collaboration between Maurice de Hond (View / Ture BV) and No Ties BV.

AMBER Alerts

AMBER Alert 23:

Insiya, September 29th 2016

In the morning of the 29th of September, 2.5 year old Insiya was violently kidnapped by three unidentified males. Almost right away, the police made information about the case available to the public. For this, parts of the AMBER Alert system were deployed. Information about Insiya was shared with the public via social media and large screens in gas stations in the Amsterdam area. Later that day, the police decided to deploy the entire AMBER Alert system in the search for Insiya. 2.8 million Dutch citizens received the alert. Additionally, information about the girl was massively shared through social media and with the help of thousands of organizations. This resulted in a reach of 11 million Dutch adults. The girl is still missing. The search continues.

AMBER Alert 22:

Eraj, November 11th 2015

On Wednesday November 11, around 01.00AM, the police issued an AMBER Alert for the 12-year-old Eraj. The boy from Vleuten was last seen at the end of the afternoon. He did not return home from school on November 10. He. Prior to the AMBER Alert, a Burgernet message was disseminated. Together with his family, the police started searching for the boy and questioned several classmates. In the morning of November 11, around 08.00AM, the boy was recovered.

AMBER Alert 21:

Issa, March 18th 2015

On Wednesday night March 18th 2015 at 3 am, the police issued an AMBER Alert for the 9-year old Issa. The boy was last seen at 3.30 pm in Ondiep, a neighborhood in Utrecht. There was no trace of the child ever since. Prior to the issuance of the AMBER Alert, a Burgernet message was sent out. The police called in a helicopter, police dogs and boats to look for the child. Around 8.30 am the boy was found safe and sound.

AMBER Alert 20:

Amal, July 31st 2015

On Wednesday July 30th 2015, 9-year old Amal suddenly disappeared from the home of one of her friends. The police started investigating the disappearance immediately and searched extensively in the area where she went missing with the help of a police helicopter and neighborhood residents. The police sent a Burgernet message twice and later on an AMBER Alert. The disappearance was also distributed via RijnmondVeilig. Later that night, the girl was found safe and sound.

AMBER Alert 19:

Ceylin & Hassan, April 26th 2014

The suspected kidnapping of a mother and her two young children were the reason for the issuance of an AMBER Alert on April 26th, 2014. The car of the 24-year old mother, Hilal, was found under very suspicious circumstances. She seemed to have disappeared together with her 2-year old daughter Ceylin and 4-month old son Hassan. Because of the large-scale police investigation in The Hague and extensive media attention, generated by the AMBER Alert, the mother reported herself the same evening.

AMBER Alert 17:

Jayden, June 15th 2013

The 4-year old Jayden was abducted by his father in Groningen. Before abducting his son, the man abused Jayden’s mother, who had sole custody of the child. Subsequently the father fled in a blue VW Golf together with his son. Immediately after issuing the AMBER Alert, a picture of the boy was visible on every Rijkswaterstaat sign. About an hour after the issuance, a passer-by noticed the car in Groningen. The local police could then arrest the man, who was still with Jayden.

AMBER Alert 18:

Pedro, March 17th 2014

On the evening of March 17th 2014, it became clear that 12-year old Pedro from Amsterdam-Osdorp did not arrive at school that day. Shortly before midnight, an AMBER Alert was issued. Reports resulting from the AMBER Alert ensured that Pedro was found the next morning in good health in a park in Osdorp.

AMBER Alert 16:

Ruben & Julian, May 8th 2013

Early in the morning on May 7th 2013, the remains of a man were found near het Doornse Gat. The man appeared to have taken his own life. Around noon it became clear that before his death, the man had been in the company of his two sons: Ruben (9) and Julian (7). Whilst the police started a large-scale investigation, an AMBER Alert was issued shortly after midnight. On May 19th 2013, the remains of Ruben and Julian were found in the Cothen area. It is believed that they were murdered by their father.

AMBER Alert 15:

Anass, February 6th 2013

After the 13-year old Anass failed to return home after handing out leaflets, an AMBER Alert was issued. Unfortunately, the police found the remains of the boy the next morning.

AMBER Alert 14:

Corline, October 10th 2012

On October 10th 2012, the 7-year old Corline was last seen on the playground of her school in Urk. The girl never came home. Because witnesses saw a suspicious car in the vicinity of the school, the police took into account that it could be a kidnapping. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. A few minutes after issuing the AMBER Alert, Corline was found playing in the vicinity of her home by a few girls. These girls saw the AMBER Alert and were searching for Corline when they found her.

AMBER Alert 13:

Sueda, September 10th 2012

During the night of September 9th, police tried to locate 16- year old Sueda. The girl disappeared the same evening. Because police feared Sueda could have been the victim of a crime, an AMBER Alert was issued. Fifteen minutes after the alert was issued, Sueda was recognized by railway personnel at the Central Station in Amsterdam.

AMBER Alert 12:

Michael, February 1st 2012

When the 10-year old Michael did not come home in the blistering cold, police feared for his life. In the hopes of retrieving the boy as quickly as possible, the police issued an AMBER Alert. Unfortunately by that time Michael was already deceased. He drowned in an icy canal near his house. His body was found on February 5th.

AMBER Alert 11:

Roshayra, December 10th 2011

On December 9th 2011, 4-year old Roshayra was abducted by her father in Rotterdam. The subsequent night the police searched for the girl, without any result. That is why the police Rotterdam-Rijnmond and the public prosecutor decided to issue an AMBER Alert. The AMBER Alert was issued at 9 am the next morning. Highway signs were also used. With the help of Rijkswaterstaat, details about Roshayra’s father’s car were released. The direct result was that car was seen by an observant citizen during the course of the day. The citizen immediately informed the police, who apprehended the father and returned the girl to her mother.

AMBER Alert 10:

Michiel, October 29th 2011

After the 1-year old Michiel was abducted by his father, police feared for his life. Michiel was found almost instantaneously at the railway station in Almere, after an AMBER Alert was issued.

AMBER Alert 9:

Serena, October 16th 2011

The ninth AMBER Alert was issued to find the 6 month old Serena, who was abducted by her father. Three hours after an AMBER Alert was issued, the 23-year old father and his baby were recognized by NS-personnel in a train to Rotterdam. Officers of the Railway Police kept an eye on the duo, until police arrived. The father was arrested by police. Baby Serena was returned to her mother.

AMBER Alert 8:

Jennefer, October 9th 2011

On October 8th 2011, 10-year old Jennefer was reported missing. During the ongoing police investigation, the local police decided to issue an AMBER Alert. The next night however, the girl’s remains were found. According to police officials Jennefer had been murdered the previous night.

AMBER Alert 7:

Vera, July 29th 2011

The 14-year old Vera left her house in Groesbeek on July 28th, but never arrived at her destination. Thorough police investigation led officers to the The Hague area. Unfortunately, Vera was not found. Because there were indications that the life of the girl could be in danger, the police decided to issue an AMBER Alert. Several hours later Vera reported herself at the police station in The Hague.

AMBER Alert 6:

Melanie, July 1st 2011

The sixth AMBER Alert was issued to find the 17-year old Melanie uit Hardinxveld-Giessendam. On June 30th 2011, Melanie returned home from work on her bike, but never got there. While an AMBER Alert was in effect, comprehensive police investigation led to an address in the Noordoostpolder, where Melanie was found alive and well during the night of July 1st.

AMBER Alert 5:

David, January 25th 2011

On January 25th 2011, 9-year old David from Spijkenisse went missing. Two hours after an AMBER Alert was issued, the boy was found in a train near Deurne, 150 kilometers away from Spijkenisse. A train conductor recognized the child, after he received the AMBER Alert on his mobile phone and NS-handheld computer (Railpocket).

AMBER Alert 4:

Kaylee, September 22nd 2010

On September 22nd 2010, 7-year old Kaylee was reported missing. An AMBER Alert was issued to find the child. Kaylee turned out to be hidden by her family. Because of the AMBER Alert, the police was notified and Kaylee was returned home safe and sound.

AMBER Alert 3:

Millie, March 10th 2010

The third AMBER Alert was issued to find the 12-year old Millie, who disappeared from her parents’ home in Dordrecht on the evening of March 10th 2010. The remains of Millie were found on March 16th. After thorough investigation, it became clear that Millie was already murdered by her abductor on the night of her disappearance.

AMBER Alert 2:

Katja, May 27th 2009

The 7-year old Katja was abducted at her school in Ede. Half an hour after the abduction, the police issued an AMBER Alert. During the course of the day the car, which was used by her abductor, was retrieved. Police found out Katja was abducted by her father, who took her to the United States. After a long process, she was returned to her mother in the Netherlands.

AMBER Alert 1:

Lorenzo, February 14th 2009

The disappearance of the 4-year old Lorenzo from Rotterdam prompted the first AMBER Alert. Soon after the AMBER Alert was issued, the toddler was found safe and sound in a local fast food restaurant. Employees recognized the boy from the AMBER Alert posted on their large advertisement screens.