TIPS regarding a missing child? Call 0800 - 6070 | When URGENT dial 112

The National Missing Persons Bureau (LBVP) is part of the Dutch National Police. The LBVP is responsible for issuing AMBER Alerts, for which they have strict criteria.


Tracing missing persons is primarily the responsibility of the National Police. They are supported by the National Missing Persons Bureau. The LBVP consists of experts, which can aid the local police in the search for missing persons.

Mandatory Notification

To get the most out of LBVP’s expertise, Ivo Opstelten, Minister of Security and Justice, introduced a mandatory notification of all endangered missing children cases (Missing Child Alert) to the LBVP in late 2011. Now, the regional units are obligated to report any endangered missing children case (Missing Child Alert) within two hours to the LBVP. By acting quickly and involving the experts immediately, the chances of retrieving missing children increase significantly.


Do you have information about the whereabouts of a missing child?
Contact the police hotline 0800-60 70 immediately. When URGENT dial 112.