TIPS regarding a missing child? Call 0800 - 6070 | When URGENT dial 112


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Storeplay displays regional missing children cases on indoor TV screens

Starting today Storeplay will display AMBER Alerts and regional missing children cases on hundreds of its indoor TV screens in Noord-Brabant. Storeplay is the first company to use its screens to share regional disappearances, instead of only national AMBER Alerts. 

Storeplay‘s indoor screens can be found in public spaces such as swimming pools, gyms, gas stations and cafeterias. By displaying a picture and description of a missing child on more than 300 screens, the attention is drawn immediately.  Citizens are encouraged to be on the lookout. That way, misisng children can be returned home quickly and safely.

“AMBER Alert is a great initiative! From the moment we launched Storeplay, it was my dream to collaborate with AMBER Alert. Because we are successfully expanding and we have such a wide reach in Noord-Brabant, we thought it was time to approach AMBER Alert about a possible collaboration. Therefore, I am very pleased that we are now aiding AMBER Alert in the search for missing children”, says Storeplay owner Geert de Graef.

Follow Storeplay’s example and display regional missing children cases inside and outside your organisation. Contact us for more information.