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Privacy Policy

AMBER Alert Netherlands („AMBER Alert“) is a trade name of Netpresenter B.V.

AMBER Alert respects your privacy. Your contact details will not be sold, rented out or voluntary handed over to third parties.

AMBER Alert iOS and Android App – Privacy Policy

Last updated: 13 January 2014

AMBER Alert realizes that privacy matters to you. It matters to us too. That is why we aim to be clear about our Privacy Policy and the use of your information in relation to the use of the Dutch AMBER Alert App (the “App”) and all associated services (“Services”).

This Privacy Policy applies to the processing of personal information by AMBER Alert and other data collected by AMBER Alert when you use the App and the Services.

Which personal information is gathered and processed by AMBER Alert?

AMBER Alert processes two types of personal information: personal information stored locally by you and possibly forwarded to third parties by you (1.1), and automatically assembled personal information (1.2).

  •  1.1 Personal information stored locally by you and possibly forwarded to third parties by you:


    • 1.1.1 Information about your child (section “Mijn Kind”): the following personal information is stored locally, i.e. in the memory of your smartphone or tablet. Information that you can enter is:
      • First name, surname, forename, birth date, address, postal code, city, phone number, mobile phone number, social media (Twitter, Facebook or other social media – only name and URL), gender, weight, length, hair color, eye color, scars, tattoos, other information and a picture of your child.


        • If your child goes missing, you can send an e-mail from within the App with the above information from this Section (“Mijn Kind”) to a chosen third party (for instance police or relatives).
  • 1.2 Automatically gathered personal information:


    • 1.2.1 If you report a missing child case via e-mail from within the App, the following information is automatically attached:
      • E-mail related information (e-mail address recipient, whether a copy to the Dutch national policing service should be sent , subject, body, date), information about the sender (name, e-mail address, Device ID, unique application ID, GIS – lat & lon, mobile number sender);


    • 1.2.2  When the App is activated, the phone ID (UDID), iOS or Android version, application version, token ID for Push notifications and the device name are automatically sent.
      • The above-mentioned automatically gathered information is used to enable devices to receive push notifications (when an AMBER Alert is issued). This process is part of the Apple or Google infrastructure and this information is consequently shared with Apple or Google. Privacy related matters regarding this information are subject to Apple’s or Google’s conditions.


How is my information shared?

Personal information is needed for AMBER Alert to be able to function as a service. The personal information about your child is only shared as described, at your own initiative.

Personal information about your child (1.1.1) is only forwarded to third parties, like the police, at your own explicit request from within the App. This can be done by reporting a missing child case through e-mail or by sharing information through e-mail from within the App.

To prevent abuse, AMBER Alert receives a copy of the above-mentioned e-mail related information (1.2.1) that is appended when an e-mail is sent from within the App; in case of abuse, this will be reported to the Dutch national policing service and they will take the necessary actions.

The above-mentioned information that is gathered automatically for example when activating the App (1.2.2) on your smartphone or tablet is not provided to any third parties and are used only to assist AMBER Alert. AMBER Alert is under an obligation to secure your personal information with adequate safety measures.

  • Sharing of personal information with partners, in relation to the transfer of businesses, and for the protection of AMBER Alert and others


    • With our partners: Personal information about you or your child is only shared with third parties if you explicitly indicate this by sending an e-mail from within the App.
    • In case of transfer or cessation of the business: If AMBER Alert or all her assets are acquired by a third party, or in the unlikely event that AMBER Alert goes bankrupt or puts a halt to her activities, the database with personal information for AMBER Alert can be transferred to or taken over by a third party.
    • For the protection of AMBER Alert and others: We can release personal information if we believe in good faith that this is necessary in order to meet legal requirements, to enforce our terms of use, or to protect the rights, properties or safety of AMBER Alert, our employees, our users or others. This also includes supplying information to the authorities for solving crime or fraud cases.

Is my personal information and my child’s personal information safe?

To prevent third parties from gaining unauthorized access to locally stored personal information, AMBER Alert recommends creating and safeguarding a strong password for your smartphone or tablet and for any backups of your content. Furthermore, avoid circumstances in which your smartphone or tablet is liable to theft, because the locally stored information on your device cannot be deleted by AMBER Alert or her partners remotely. The same applies to the device that is used for back-ups of your smartphone or tablet. That is why we recommend you to install a software that allows you to delete or disable content from your device or PC remotely.

We stress that information that is stored locally on your device is not secured with a specific password for the App. This means that everybody that has access to your device can gain access to this information. Furthermore, this information is stored in back-ups made from your device by your computer, for instance via iTunes, or backups of that backup on your computer, for instance in iCloud or other backup services, or when you yourself copy this information on your computer.

Within the App you have to possibility to share information through Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites. AMBER Alert is not responsible for the privacy policy and/or practices on these websites. When a link to another site or service is opened from within the App, the privacy policy of that site or service applies. The AMBER Alert privacy policy in this document only concerns information that is gathered in relation to the App and the Services, by AMBER Alert or her partners.

How can I view or change my personal information through AMBER Alert or third parties?

Changing locally stored information about your child (section “Mijn Kind”) is your own responsibility and can be done from within the App.

The only personal information stored by AMBER Alert is the automatically gathered information, as mentioned in 1.2. This is invariable technical information. At your request we can communicate this information to you. For this, please contact us at the following address:

Department Protection Personal Information
Peter Treckpoelstraat 4
6191 VK  BEEK
The Netherlands

In order to remove your personal information, you can remove the App. This removes all personal information stored by us and our partners.

Changes to this privacy policy

Use of this App means that you allow us to gather personal information and to use this information as mentioned in this document, in accordance with this policy and as indicated in each registration form that asks you to supply us with personal information about yourself. If for any reason we decide to change this privacy policy, the changes will be announced in this document, allowing you to always be up to date as regards our policy concerning the gathering and use of your personal information and the sharing of personal information with third parties.

Questions or remarks

If you have any privacy-related question or remark concerning the use of the App and the Services, please send a detailed message to [email protected] or contact:

Department Protection Personal Information
Peter Treckpoelstraat 4
6191 VK  BEEK
The Netherlands