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Losing your child in a public area can be scary, even if it’s only for a second. Since the start in 2008, we have published 996 missing children on our website (last updated: September 5th 2017). For 23 children the Dutch Police issued an AMBER Alert. Every missing child has a story.

“That Feeling Will Never Go Away”

“That feeling will never go away”

“He has known her all her life. I can’t imagine that someone abuses and kills a girl who’s practically his sister. It’s bizarre. I will always miss her. That feeling will never go away.” -  Sevda, sister of the murdered Jennefer…

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“Every Second Without Her Is Unbearable”

“Every second without her is unbearable”

Knowing that there are so many people on the lookout for Insiya, gives her mother hope: “All your support and messages give me hope and assure me that I am not alone in this search. Therefore, I request you to…

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“You Don’t Know How To Continue Your Life Without Them”

“You don’t know how to continue your life without them”

Two brothers were abducted by their father. Only rarely, a missing child’s case kept a whole country in its grip for such a long period of time. Hundreds of volunteers joined the search following an emotional appeal by the mother…

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“AMBER Alert Works Great”

“AMBER Alert works great”

Railway employee Ron Spooren noticed a little boy, whilst working in the train. The 9-year old was found alone and asleep. Spooren recognized the boy from the AMBER Alert he received earlier that day. Henk van der Velde, Police Officer…

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“It’s A Horrendous Feeling. Absolutely Horrendous”

“It’s a horrendous feeling. Absolutely horrendous”

A Dutch AMBER Alert was issued on April 26th 2014, after there was great suspicion a mother was abducted with her two young children. Their family members were desperate and insecure about their well-being. The children’s uncle: “It’s a horrendous…

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“Help Us! We Will Always Be Missing Something In Our Lives.”

“Help us! We will always be missing something in our lives.”

The TV is still switched on when the mother of a 12-year old girl comes home after doing the groceries. Her daughter is not at home. First, the mother does not worry as her daughter is probably staying at a…

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“Bizarre! I Have Found The Child”

“Bizarre! I have found the child”

A mere two hours after a Dutch AMBER Alert was issued, a passer-by recognised the child in the car and immediately called the police. “Bizarre! I have found the child in a cafe in Groningen after an #amberalert.” The boy…

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