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AA Facebook Screenshot RECOVERED

Europe’s first automatic AMBER Alert via Facebook – child found

On the 11th of November, an AMBER Alert was issued for a 12- year old Dutch boy. The AMBER Alert was automatically displayed in the News Feed of all mobile Facebook users in the Netherlands. The boy was found the same day. It was the first time that an AMBER Alert was automatically shown in the News Feed of European Facebook users, meaning also people that did not subscribe to the service received the alert.

In June 2015 Facebook entered into a partnership with AMBER Alert Europe, reaching its Dutch users. As soon as the Dutch National Police fear the life of a missing child is in imminent danger, they issue an AMBER Alert. When this happens, Facebook automatically sends an AMBER Alert to the News Feed of all mobile Facebook users in the Netherlands, thereby extending the reach of the alert. The alert includes a picture of the child and any information that would help find the child, for example a description of the vehicle.

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