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‘Custom AMBER Alert’ now protects even more children

Exactly seven years after the launch of AMBER Alert Netherlands, the police can now also target parts of the AMBER Alert system locally in the search for missing children. Citizens who are in the vicinity of a missing child, are informed about the case immediately. This significantly increases the chances that this child is recovered quickly and safely.

The entire AMBER Alert system is deployed about 3-4 times a year when the police fear the life or health of a missing child is in imminent danger. The whole country then transforms into one large missing children’s poster. Within seconds a picture of the missing child, a small description and instructions on what to do are transmitted via electronic billboards, highway signs, apps, text message, social media and email.

About 100 times a year, parts of the system are used to help find other missing children. In the search for these children, referred to as endangered missing children, parts of the AMBER Alert can be targeted locally.

Join the search

Targeting an endangered missing child’s photo via regional broadcasters, gas stations, highway sign providers, railways, taxi companies, hauliers and popular apps like and Google’s navigation app Waze, is only possible through the voluntary cooperation of all of these organisations.

“It is very cool that your favourite news-, weather- or navigation app draws your attention to missing children cases in your neighbourhood. The extra pair of eyes of people like taxi drivers, conductors and hauliers are crucial to the recovery of a missing child. On you can find out how your organisation can help in the search for missing children”, says Frank Hoen, founder of AMBER Alert.

Endangered missing child

The police make a clear distinction between an ‘endangered missing child’ and a missing child that meets the criteria of a nationwide AMBER Alert.

An AMBER Alert is only issued when the life of a missing child is in imminent danger and the whereabouts of this child are not known. A missing child is considered endangered when it is not in imminent danger, but there are substantial indications that the child is at high risk of harm and rapid action is required.