TIPS regarding a missing child? Call 0800 - 6070 | When URGENT dial 112

AMBER Alert Netherlands is the nationwide alert system for endangered missing children and child abduction cases. With over 2.9 million participants and participating organisations, it is the most successful citizen participation initiative in the Netherlands and a great example of effective crowdsourcing.

Launched in 2008

AMBER Alert Netherlands was set up free of charge in 2008 by social enterprise Netpresenter and the Dutch police. The green light was given on 11 November 2008 by the Minister of Justice at the time, Hirsch Ballin.  Today, AMBER Alert is an established name in the Netherlands. Research has shown that AMBER Alert has the highest brand awareness among all the alerting systems: no less than 95 percent of non-participants know the system by name.

Missing Child Alert

AMBER Alert Netherlands exclusively distributes AMBER Alerts and Missing Child Alerts. 1-2 times a year, the police issue an AMBER Alert for a missing child whose life is in imminent danger. About 20 times a year, the police issue a Missing Child Alert to get more regional attention for a missing child. A Missing Child Alert is no AMBER Alert. When a Missing Child Alert is issued, the police suspect doesn’t suspect the child’s life to be in immediate danger. However, the police is extremely worried about the well-being of the child and this requires a prompt and regionally focused approach.

AMBER Alert Europe

AMBER Alert Europe is a Dutch foundation, founded in 2013 by police- and government agencies from several EU Member States.

Better protection

AMBER Alert Europe’s goal is to improve the protection of endangered missing children in Europe. AMBER Alert Europe connects law enforcement with citizens in the search for endangered missing children. The organisation provides police training, encourages cross-border police cooperation and facilitates AMBER Alert systems for European Member States. This also increases the protection of Dutch children in other European Member States.

Strong support

AMBER Alert Europe is supported by missing persons’ specialists, NGOs, police- and government agencies and 465 MEPs: most successful Written Declaration since 2011. The organisation has 25 members (NGOs, ministries and police) in 17 countries.

If you should have technical questions about the AMBER Alert system, and they are not answered in the FAQ, you can email your questions to [email protected]

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