TIPS regarding a missing child? Call 0800 - 6070 | When URGENT dial 112

2.9 million citizens are registered to receive AMBER Alerts in the Netherlands. However, this number is only a fraction of the amount of people that actually see these missing children messages: information is shared on Facebook, retweeted on Twitter and in case of an AMBER Alert, literally millions of people see the message on for example TV, large screens and highway signs.

TV and radio

As soon as an AMBER Alert is issued, it goes on air (during TV programs for example as a tickertape or as an extra news flash). The news flash is automatically and digitally prepared.


Facebook automatically displays Dutch AMBER Alerts in the newsfeed of its users. Facebook users will automatically be able to see a picture of the child, information about the disappearance and a link in the newsfeed of their mobile app.

Google’s Waze

Google’s Waze, the world’s leading community based traffic- and navigation app, shows AMBER Alerts and Missing Child Alerts to its users. Users receive a pop-up message with a picture and description of the child.

The Android app displays pictures of missing children in your neighbourhood. This allows the police to quickly ask neighbourhood residents to keep an eye open for children for which no national AMBER Alert is issued.

Highway signs

If information about the vehicle of the abductor is available (such as a license plate number), an AMBER Alert is also automatically published on digital highway signs.

Online banners

People surfing the web, playing a game on their mobile phone or using an app are informed immediately and proactively of a missing child through online advertisements. Anyone in a specific area will see a picture and description of the missing child.

Large TV screens

AMBER Alerts automatically appear on large TV screens in public spaces, for example supermarkets, cinemas, indoor children playgrounds, day care centers, swimming pools and sports centers.

SMS with photo

When an AMBER Alert is issued, subscribers immediately receive an SMS message with a link to AMBER Alert’s mobile website. On this website, people can see a ‘missing’ notice featuring a picture of the child.

Email with poster

When an AMBER Alert is issued, users immediately receive an email alert. This email alert often includes a picture of the missing child. The email also contains a printable AMBER Alert poster which can be posted in shops, community centers and schools.

AMBER Alert poster

When the police issues an AMBER Alert, citizens can forward, display or print out an automatically generated poster with the picture of the missing child.

RSS newsfeed

With the AMBER Alert RSS newsfeed organisations can develop their own applications to display AMBER Alerts.

Mobile website

AMBER Alerts are automatically displayed on our mobile website. When there is an active AMBER Alert, this website automatically displays a picture of the missing child. An AMBER Alert SMS message often contains a link to the mobile website.

Google map

On the AMBER Alert Netherlands website you can find a Google map with all Missing Child Alerts and active AMBER Alerts in the Netherlands.

Public transport

When an AMBER Alert is issued, a picture of the missing child is automatically displayed on TV screens in public transport (e.g. buses, trains).

Railway stations / airports

When an AMBER Alert is issued, a picture of the missing child is directly shown on large screens in airports, railway- and metro stations in the Netherlands.

Railway personnel

When an AMBER Alert is issued, all employees of the Dutch National Railways immediately receive a message with a photo of the missing child on their handheld devices.

Supermarkets / cinemas

When an AMBER Alert is issued, the photo of the missing child is instantly visible on large TV screens in shopping malls, supermarkets and cinemas.


AMBER Alerts are also disseminated to the police via various networks, including mobile phones, PCs, TV screens and the C2000 network.

PC pop up

When an AMBER Alert is issued, a pop up message with the AMBER Alert notice immediately appears on tens of thousands of PCs. This pop up message is not stopped by pop up blockers.


AMBER Alerts are also displayed on Twitter. Sign up here to receive AMBER Alerts on Twitter.


With the AMBER Alert App, users receive a push notification when an AMBER Alert is issued. The AMBER Alert app is available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.


On many major news sites, including and and on thousands of other websites, a pop up screen or banner with the picture of the missing or abducted child automatically appears when an AMBER Alert is active and someone visits this website.

PC screensaver

Active AMBER Alerts are also displayed via a screensaver – intended for schools, libraries and other organisations that have a lot of PCs in screensaver mode part of the day. The screensaver also shows current missing children cases.